So They Get Offended

  You may have read it also. Some church had a sign that read, "Satan Hates Us." Some have objected to the sign because it "offends" them. So what? Whatever the church, the sign tells the truth. According to some we should quit telling the truth because some get offended. Again I ask, "So what?" Shall those who object decide what should be proclaimed?

  One pastor said he objected because it "turned off" those who do not go to church. Those who do not go to church are already turned off. Shall we put them in position to decide what is preached? Those who object need the truth. Such compromising "whimps" as that pastor is why many churches are not worth their existence.

  Yes, Satan is against everything good. But he must "love" that pastor who complained. People need what they need; not just what they want.