So You Don't Believe It

  The arrogance and conceit of those who deny truth is amazing. There are those who must think if they do not accept something then that something must be wrong. What a self-inflated attitude to take!

  So you deny God exists. That does not destroy God, but you. So you deny there is right and wrong as humanists do. But that is wrong just the same. So you deny design in the creation. Does that remove design? Not at all! So it goes with every truth that people wish to set aside. Disbelief does not change the truth and the unbeliever does not become the authority. He only shows himself to be a pitiable creature.

  You may not believe you are responsible to God and will stand in the judgment. But you will! It is sad that so many seem to feel what they declare is the bottom line. Only what God declares is the standard. You may not believe it, but someday you will have to accept it.