The Solid Rock

  When you observe the unstable conditions of the world, the dishonest people governing nations, the greed of poor and wealthy alike, the violence, degeneracy and immorality running to rampant in society, you once again have cause to thank God for that which cannot be moved, the Solid Rock of Jesus Christ on Whom our hope is built.

  Nothing in this life is reliable although we know some upon whom we can place our trust, but they are mere humans as are we. Our anchor of the soul, our hope, can be trusted because of Him on whom we lean.

  It is disheartening to read the daily news of the debauchery of humankind. It makes you wonder how such low-life vermin disguised as people can get such a hold on everything. But we can lay hold on Him Who never fails. As one song says, "His oath, His covenant, His blood, Support me in  the whelming flood. When all around my soul gives way, He then is all my hope and stay." Who would want to throw that away for the paltry offering of this world?