Some Guarantee This Is

  That there should be some limits on speech is generally acknowledged. (Like yelling fire in a theater). But today some political people want to stifle all speech that offends them. While all manner of profanity and vulgarity find free course, mentioning Christ in prayer, reading the Bible, condemning sin, warning of tyrants, all that is termed "hate speech" and is subject to punishment. You can bash Christ but not Muslims. You can ridicule Christians but don't tell the truth about homosexuals. It won't be long that an article like the one you are reading could mean the writer would be imprisoned. God bless America?

  You say the Constitution guarantees free speech? Big joke! Only for liberals, heathens, God-haters, Marxists, evolutionists and such as Hollywood stars. The Constitution is not a living document as some claim. It is a dead letter in this country.