Some Reading Really Takes Effort

  Many people love books. I do. I feel blessed with a reasonable library of books I have purchased, some given to me, some inherited, etc. I read so much everyday. Some are difficult to read because the material gets complicated and hard to understand. Some are hard to read because the author did not take time to compose his work intelligently but like he was shooting a shot gun. But some books are difficult because they teach so much doctrinal error. They are full of doctrines of men. Maybe something beneficial is found now and then but mostly it is the garbage of so-called scholarship and the creeds of men. My patience grows thin with these.

  Good books by faithful brethren are instructional, motivational and really help you on the road to heaven. Those books are worthwhile. The more I read any books the more I can see the wisdom of the phrase, "The Bible sheds a lot of light on commentaries of men."