Some Skeptics Are Not Honest

  There have always been those who deny the Deity of Christ and that He is the Messiah. They do ignorantly even though some honestly disbelieved Jesus is the Christ. Paul did for a while. But to allow your hatred of Christ and your denial of Him being the Messiah to bring you to deny He ever claimed to be the Messiah is a bit much. It is amazing that such people really exist. But it is commonplace among the seminary trained "scholars."

  In John four Jesus met with the Samaritan woman and they discussed many matters. She said when the Messiah came He would tell them all things. It was then that Jesus said, "I that speak unto thee am he." Yet, some deny He ever claimed to be the Messiah. To be so blatantly dishonest is pathetic. Such people will just have to suffer the consequences of their denial. Jesus has already told us what that will be (John 8:24).