Something He Did Not Do

  Luke recorded what Jesus taught and did (Luke 1:1). Peter taught Cornelius that Jesus went about doing good (Acts 10:38). But there is something He never did. He never sinned. Also there were those who were offended at His teaching. How did He react? It is most instructive to see how He did NOT react.

  He did not deliberately offend anyone. It was His truth that offended those who preferred their way to the Lord's way. When told some were offended He did not backtrack or change His message. He never apologized for it. He did not compromise with others about it. He stood firm for it. As for those who were offended, He said, "Let them alone"  (Matt. 15:14). They would go their own way to destruction if that is what they chose.

  Some became so offended they walked with Him no more (John 6:66). He taught His disciples He was the way and had the words of life (John 6:63). They knew that (John 6:68). Those who were offended only condemned themselves. This is the way we must consider those who are offended by the truth.