Something You Can Do

  Frankly, I do not understand some of my brethren. They ridicule gospel meetings and contend they do not work. But then go out and rent a civic auditorium for thousands of dollars, try to rouse an entire area, and then conduct an enlarged gospel meeting. Where is the sense of this?

  If gospel meetings "don't work" then maybe we are confused as to what the work ought to be. If we examine we will probably find the lack of "success" lies with many of the very members who complain the meetings "don't work" and it is because they are haphazard in supporting them. Faithful preaching of the gospel is always a good thing. It will accomplished more if those who SAY they believe it acted like they believed it.

  And here is where each of us can do something helpful. The next time some faithful congregation nearby, maybe your home church, conducts a gospel meeting, how about being there each time?