Son and Servant

  The Jews greatly and justly esteemed Moses. Some, having become Christians, were being drawn back into Judaism. The Epistle of Hebrews was written to present persuasive reasons why that was a course of folly. Christ is superior to Moses, just as He is to angels, man, and everyone else.

  One point made is the comparison of Moses and Christ. In the third chapter, while commending Moses, Moses was as a servant in God's house while Christ is a Son. The Son has preeminence over a servant. Christ is greater than Moses as much as a builder of a house is greater than a house.

  It is true that Moses was appointed by the Lord to his task and Moses was faithful in his task. Christ was also appointed by the Father and was faithful to His task. His task was to be God's Apostle and our High Priest. Nothing should ever be considered superior to the Christ. This being so, none should forsake Christ and go forth after Moses again.