Source of Power

  The denominational world has never shown respect for the gospel, but now we have some radical left-wing brethren who promote some kind of direct operation of the Holy Spirit as a result of a "personal indwelling" that say the Bible is only INFORMATIONAL and there must be some action taken by the Holy Spirit before it has any power. That is absolute anti-Biblical nonsense.

  The Holy Spirit had Paul to write that the "gospel is the power of God unto salvation," (Rom. 1:16), so that settles that. No direct operation from the Holy Spirit is needed for man to be saved. When one hears the gospel, if he believes and obeys it, he shall be saved.

  This error is akin to the contention that the Bible is a "dead letter" and it must be "energized" by the Holy Spirit. Friend, the Holy Spirit caused the Bible to be given. It is His energizing medium. Looking for some kind of WHAMMY from the Holy Spirit and saying there is the need to be "zapped by the Spirit" is gangrenous to the soul.