The Spring

  The family is the nucleus and spring of society. There can be no spiritually and morally sound nation unless such is characteristic of the home. It is also true that there can be no sound church unless there is soundness in the home because the influence of the home, generally speaking, is greater than the influence of the church.

  The home will determine the direction of the church rather than the other way around. The home will determine the direction of the nation. While the existence of the state (civil government) is ordained of God, and the church has come from God, we must realize that God is also the creator of the home and family. The home was instituted in Eden's purity. It is the older of God's institution. The home heavily influences both the state and the church even though influence flows both ways.

  Everything comes from the home. If and when we learn to make the home as it should be we shall see everything else turn for the better.