Stifling Free Speech

  Our government tries to stifle free speech of those who oppose abortion and homosexuality; two things true Christians will oppose and has always done. Now a furor occurs when the Roman Catholic Church (who is wrong on so many points but right on abortion and homosexuality) withholds what they call Communion from a politician who claims to be Catholic but goes against Catholic teaching. Why shouldn't that church discipline him? Who does he think he is to dictate? Nobody forces him to be a Catholic but he wants to force all Catholics to accept him anyway.

  But criticism rises over this action. There are those who contend pro-death and pro-perversion elements have a right to claim membership in a church and defy that church at the same time because they want to make opposition to these sins unlawful. Liberals would suppress God's by intimidation, laws, mobs, violence, etc. We need to be aware of all this.