Still Be Modest

  We need not be overly explicit in describing the immodest attire that some wear. But the Christian must learn to not let the fashion designers of the world determine everything they do and wear. These designers have no respect for the teaching of God concerning modesty (1 Tim. 2: 9-10). They actually make clothes to produce lust by intent. Why should a Christian wish to undress as far as they can? Why be like the sinful world and ignore modest apparel that God's Word requires? Modest clothing is available and can be purchased just like the skimpy, short, tight, revealing things often found for sale. There is no excuse for immodesty.

  Such hypocrisy! Some bemoan the sexual immorality, even sex crimes, yet parade themselves as if they had a "For Sale" sign on their back by their immodest clothing. Christians do not live like that.