Strange Things in Bulletins

  It is pathetic to read articles in bulletins that are so hypocritical. Some condemn those who tell lies behind the back of others and cause division when they are guilty of doing that very thing privately and publicly in an effort that results in the destruction of the good name and reputation of those they oppose.

  Some rightfully condemn "the Diotrophes Complex" which is admittedly an evil attitude but when they themselves have caused trouble far and wide because they possess and have demonstrated that very "I am boss" disposition the bulletin article (good in itself) rings with hypocrisy.

  It is one thing to condemn evil things but quite another to do what you condemn (Rom. 2: 1-3). This pattern of evil attack is often seen in the political realm when one side will arrogantly accuse the other of doing something wrong when that is precisely what they themselves are doing.

   Some moderation in efforts to gain power would be helpful in the Lord's church. Why should anybody be obsessed with having power and control over other brethren anyway? Why not be content to be a "lesser light" than to rip asunder good brethren and good works because of a desire to control? Do you really believe God smiles on all that stuff?