Stretch Forth Thy Hand

  His enemies wondered if He would heal on the Sabbath Day. Their traditions were so contrary to the will of God that they would even prevent doing good on the Sabbath to obey their traditions. In Luke chapter six Jesus met a man with a withered hand and healed him. Yes, it was the Sabbath Day and this aroused His enemies. But we have another observation in mind just now.

  None question that it was the power of Jesus that healed the man. But WHEN was that power extended? Jesus told the man, "Stretch forth thy hand." It was then, when the man did as instructed, reaching out to Jesus, that he was blessed with the Lord's benefits. Can you imagine this man refusing to stretch forth his hand on the basis that Christ could heal him without anything from him? When instructed Scripture says, "He did so."

  So it is in our salvation. Jesus will forgive and save. But we must do our part in reaching out to Him. To refuse to do so is to refuse salvation.