Submission Brings Unity

  Do we even need to recount the necessity of our submission to the will of God to be pleasing to Him? Do we have to review how God wants His people to stand together, without divisions, but united in the cause of Christ? These things are assumed to be accepted by those who respect the Word of God.

  There is a relationship between submission and unity that we dare not overlook. Men are not commanded to submit to the doctrines of other men. But the doctrine of Christ must be obeyed. When you do that, and I do that, we will stand united on the foundation of God's revealed truth. Two can walk together but only if they are agreed (Amos 3: 3). We simply must find agreement on what the Lord has revealed and be content with what He has given us.

  The world writhes in agony, confusion and division. The church is rent asunder at times by the same maladies. There is an answer that works. It is called submission to the will of God. Thank about it!