Such Blatant Hypocrisy

  We read that many churches are canceling worship services for Christmas Day and New Year's Day because few attend. Such disregard for the teaching of God's Word! Of course, such churches never have had any real respect for God's Word. Human doctrines, money, emotions, power and ceremony compose most of what they do. Some of these same people are whining because the word "Christmas" is being left out of so many things this year. Well, they leave out Christ all year long.

  There are sound Biblical reasons why true Christians worship on the first day of the week and you should be aware of them. (Hear the lesson Why We Worship on the First Day on this website, Category 10, Number 364). So much that is erroneously called "Christian" today is a reproach and disgrace. Many in this world are religious but their own way. God does not have much influence on them.

  Some never consider adjusting what they want to fit what God wants. To them it is always the other way around.