Such Defiant and Vile Blasphemy

  Everyone knows the person presently occupying the Oval Office is a baby killing, pervert promoting, lying, pro-Muslim, anti-Christian lunatic. This is not a political but a religious observation.  Having been placed in that position by the lowest elements of society he in an arrogant and pompous manner parades himself all around as some kind of messiah. Fools join in. The very thought is repulsive. But it gets worse.

  Now this evil person is pictured as hanging on the cross with a crown of thorns on his sin-filled head. If he was pictured like the founder of Islam there would be riots. But to defame the Lord is American today. This blasphemous conduct will bring dire results to this wicked nation of humanism and assures the destruction of its freedom.

  How have the wicked faired historically in contest with God? Americans will not learn. They serve the devil. God help the faithful endure what has come to be the norm from the liberal trash in control.