Support is Justified

  There is much talk about "paying the preacher." Few subjects provoke more jokes than this one. While there are some who preach for all money they can take, charlatans and deceivers, few gospel preachers have to worry about being overpaid. The history has shown they are relatively underpaid compared to many brethren whose talents and responsibilities are far less than his. Gospel preachers preach because of the love of the truth and for the salvation of souls. But he has physical needs like others.

  First Corinthians chapter nine is one chapter that shows it is proper to support those who preach and teach the truth. The matter does provoke much consideration as to the amount, regularity and form of support. But those who do this work ought be able to depend on his brethren to provide for him the material things necessary in life. To support a gospel preacher is to support the truth (Third John).