Sure, It Is Valid

  Does it surprise you that there are those who contend the plea to restore New Testament Christianity is not a valid plea and therefore ought not be made? They confess they have no interest in restoring the NT church. For something to be valid means it has proper authority, is justifiable, appropriate, based on sound principles, deserving of support, sensible and grounded in truth. If the original meets these requirements, why would not the restoration of the original be valid? The answer is a resounding, IT IS.

  The plea to restore NT Christianity is unique in the religious world. It removes denominationalism of every sort, produces nothing original, reforms no existing religious organization, but brings again into reality that which existed by the divine authority in the Bible. (But some people don't want what God wants.) But the plea to follow "thus saith the Lord" has been, is and ever will be valid. We need to be about the business.