The Tabernacle

  For too long reports about the tabernacle have been taught and it is time to correct them. Many have thought God gave Moses the pattern to build the tabernacle and have cited the several Old Testament passages that say just exactly that. But we can set that aside because that would have restricted Moses in doing what he would prefer. After all, God did not care how the tabernacle was built or operated but wanted His people to be happy.

  The tabernacle is a type of the church and good sound Bible lessons have been taught through the years showing this to be true. But since there was no pattern for the tabernacle we can erect the church any way we want and God will smile on us because then we will be happy.

  There are those who scoff at what they ridicule as "pattern theology." They want to do things their own way and tell the world that whatever man wants, God loves.

  Are you willing to accept such malarkey as the above? Liberals among us have done just that. But do you really think they have changed anything as far as God's truth is concerned?

  Listen to a lesson about the tabernacle in Category3, Lesson 86. God has a pattern for us and we must obey it.