Take Away the Solution

  The grave problem of criminals, errant juveniles, a corrupt society is so evident that only the deranged would deny its reality. While some have a twisted mind regarding the value of religious teaching, many have had sense enough to realize that people who are taught morality are more moral than those who are coddled in doing whatever they want to do.

  The Bible has been removed from "education" and how much better this has made the students? Or are they better? The schools are more dangerous, the students less disciplined, the learning retarded, and most everything about the young has been in moral decline. Real progress!

  Now comes the move to remove all religious literature from prison libraries. If these criminals had received religious teaching earlier they likely would not be in prison. But our anti-God government which is operated by degenerate fools "educated" in the "smart" universities want to remove the only solution to criminal behavior that there is; A CHANGED MIND. But we can't have that. These idiots who know better than God want to stamp out what works and force barbarism down our throats.