Terror of the Nations

  We cannot know all the ways that God works through His providence but we know He is working and is still on His throne in spite of man's efforts to dethrone Him. But we do know something about His work in the past. The Babylonian power conquered and destroyed whatever was in its path. It began with Assyria, laid Egypt low, and defeated all the smaller nations throughout Palestine at its will, including Judah.

  There is no question but Nebuchadnezzar was a vicious and wicked ruler. But actually he was but a tool in the hand of God to bring about the needed destruction of other evil powers and the punishment of Judah. He used evil against evil.

  Why should we be alarmed that He would do such a thing in our time? There are many vicious and wicked nations in our world that have America as their target. Some think we can't fall. Think again! We are already falling. When a nation grows as defiant against God as this nation, why should it not fall? Our own government is our worst enemy.