The "No-god" Religion

  As you study the goals and ambitions of communists since World War II with respect to religion, you hear repeatedly the cry of "separation of church and state." Even though that phrase was used by our founding fathers to prevent a state religion, communists mean the abolition of religion and the dominance of the state. Communism calls for the removal of all emblems of religion to be replaced by class struggle and the redistribution of wealth. Those who are awake see the communist line promoted by the ACLU, Obama (among others). Communists use the school system to promote atheism in order to implant the "no-god" religion of communism. They are being successful in the USA because the theory of materialism and humanism dominate those in power.

  Admittedly tyrannical, communism will remove our freedom unless we war against it. Our present government is sympathetic to the goals of this evil doctrine. That is why true Christians oppose this present government.