Their Only Recourse

  With the mounting evidence of the folly of the hypothesis of Darwinian evolution the only measures evolutionists can make are the ones they are making: censorship, brushing aside the evidence with a wave of their "superior" hand, denying a hearing for the refutation of evolution, intimidation and vicious verbal insults against those who do not swallow their stupidity and God-hating attitudes. Day after day we read of theaters closed to creationists, books censored that do not accept evolution, professors refused their rights unless they bow to their heathen peers, slurs against the mentality of anybody that does not agree with the "scholars."

  Truth will not be forever hidden by those who promote lies. More and more the truth about our origin is coming to light and evolutionists are struck with panic because they are being shown as fools. So they use sinister methods to hide the truth as long as they can. They may not be persuaded how wrong they are in this life but they won't be dead two seconds before they will know how wrong they have been.