Their Real Reason

  God says an atheist is a fool. I agree with him. For instance, nothing is more unreasonable than the hypothesis of evolution. How ridiculous, as one has said, that everything came from nothing. Evolution, atheism, are not sophisticated conclusions from science, not intellectual "facts" that can be proven, not the "inescapable truth". (Atheists have no basis to determine truth anyway.) They contradict what can be known. Never has atheism produced one benefit for mankind. NOT ONE! Atheism seeks to accommodate the desires of a degenerate and amoral mind that perverts the body to the satisfactions of whatever it wants. Atheists are those disgruntled and jealous people who wish they could be God. What a chaotic world it would be without God! Is has problems enough because of those who deny Him.

  Make no mistake about it. Atheism is growing. And so is the havoc it produces. And it is being promoted by the media, schools, government, religion, the entertainment world, and the lowest forms of human depravity. We may have to suffer with them in this life. Thank God, they won't be around us in the next.