Their Tactic

  Many try to have a reasonable knowledge of the affairs of the day in various areas. But there is something that stands out like a bandaged thumb when you observe liberals whether in government, religion, education, economics, whatever. Rather than facing the truth and acknowledging it they have an agenda they promote at any cost. One of their tactics is to discredit any opposition to their agenda by derogatory accusations against their opponents. But upon close analysis it is so often the case that liberals openly practice and advocate for their cause the very sordid things they accuse others of doing. Their hypocrisy knows no limit.

  While concerned about many things we are mostly concerned about man's relation to God. If you believe in God, think men ought to obey God, and try to do as you contend liberals label you as intolerant, bigoted, narrow, you name it and if its bad you are it. But look at the liberals doing to accusing. They openly do what they condemn. So much for honesty!