Then How Does This Help?

  I read an account of the position of a Christian Church person on what he said the Holy Spirit does in leading, guiding, directing, etc. Christians today. He had the Spirit not only using the Scriptures but giving us better understanding, reminding us of passages we had studied previously, showing us how to apply what we learn, just giving us the complete coverage. But then he added that this does not mean we will necessarily be right. I ask, "If not, then why does He do what it is claimed He does?"

  Could it be the Holy Spirit really does not know the truth Himself? Or does He just give us a taste of it but holds back on some parts? Or does He actually directly intervene at all? The truth is that Deity guides, leads mankind by and through the Word the Holy Spirit has already given in its sufficiency (2 Tim/ 3: 16, 17).

  These liberals show themselves so foolish to keep reaching for something extra, something special, something additional to what God has provided. That is why they fly off on tangents of error. They get some "bug in their bonnet" and blame the Holy Spirit for it.