Then to Life I Turn Again

  The sobering phrase of the title is found in a hymn of worship. When our love for Christ and man grows weak we turn to Gethsemane and Calvary for stronger faith. Then we return to the walks of life.

  The phrase is so applicable also when we are called upon to face the hardships, sorrows and challenges of life. We can afford to spend some time and thought to deal with them as best we can. But we cannot dwell on them for too long. Even as our hearts break and tears flow down the cheek, we must rise and press forward to another day and the duties of living. Truly, "Then to life I turn again."

  Someday the last burden will be lifted; the last disappointment suffered; the last attack endured. Having learned and profited from the pain, we look forward to the eternal gain. So let us weep and rejoice, whichever it may be, but turn again in life and keep walking with the Master.