They are Everywhere

  The question was asked about the most serious sources of the problems facing young people. Where would you start? You might start where they start. Parents can often be a hindrance not a help. Especially is this true when parents may not even be married to one another; parents have no religious convictions or moral stability; parents take no daily interest in the lives of their children; parents who set deplorable examples before their young. While parents are to be the guides of youth in paths of righteousness and bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (and there are those dedicated to doing exactly that) too many mindless selfish materialistic people are given to satisfying self rather than discharging sacred duties.

  There are lessons about the sources of youth's problems on this website you might consider. Category 23; Lessons 166 and 636. Our young need our help and we must be informed.