They Are Pretty Good

  Weathermen take a lot of criticism but their task of forecasting weather is a terribly difficult one. "Mother Nature" can turn around in a moment and mess up everything you think will happen. But considering everything overall, these people are highly trained, generally competent, try to do their best to keep people informed (especially in times of impending danger) and deserve a lot of praise and credit. Sure, they miss is sometimes. It rains when we were planning a picnic or washing the car, and gets hot when we took a sweater. But generally they do pretty good.

  Their forecasts are not like Biblical prophecy, however. Prophecy is divinely guided and forecasts were made into the future for centuries. Weathermen have their records, conditions, probabilities and expectations from experience. That the prophets did not have. But they had God.

  Yet, when a prophet spoke for God, what he said, if not conditional, was always accurate to the detail. Somehow, we can consider those prophets doing pretty good also, can't we? .