They Do Not Want You to Know

  The evolutionists can scream against religion, God, the Bible whatever, but they do not want people to know the truth about their theory of evolution. Even from a scientific point of view evolution as they teach it is impossible, contradicts what can be scientifically proven, reduces itself to absurdity and can only be forced upon the public who are naive and ignorant about what evolutionists claim by censorship and intimidation..

  Atheists like to avoid the subject of origins. They run in circles about how life can to exist, or how reproduction has taken place. Their theories are set in concrete because they hate the idea of a Supreme Being, having to be accountable for their behavior, the need for knowledge of right and wrong, and their preference to be their own god. It is not science that defends the theory of evolution. It is a self-willed mindset that has decided that we cannot tell where we came from, why we are here, how to behave while here, or where we are going. AND THEY RUN LIKE RATS FROM HAVING THEIR THEORY EXAMINED.