They Just Don't Get It

  Some just refuse to accept reality. That is true regarding the digression that has invaded the Lord's church. Some just turn their heads away and deny what is so obvious. Digression has taken a deadly toll among brethren in recent decades and faithful brethren are combating an enemy of the truth from within that is determined to destroy the church by changing it into just another denomination that is acceptable to denominations. With the false doctrines and positions being taught and taken, statements of intent to change the church from the New Testament pattern, why is it that some just act as if it isn't happening? They just don't get it. They close their eyes to what is real.

  Faithful brethren are in a battle for survival. The task of standing for the truth is made more difficult when there are these naive, blinded, gullible people who must think Truman is still President and won't realize what is going on.

  If ever there was an appropriate time to send out the admonition, "Awake thou that sleepest," this is the time. The enemy advances while some don't ever realize we are at war.