They Shall Answer to God

  After over fifty-five years of attempting to preach I have come to see many things among people who claim to be Christians. One of the most distressing is the constant agitation of some who are ever trying to come up with something new and novel that might make them look scholarly. They are not content to simply abide in the Word as revealed but are always suggesting something strange and at variance with the simple truth.

  Some press their little quirks to never-ending strife and division among brethren. They seem malcontent unless they are involved in some kind of fight with other brethren. Trying to live a Christ-like life and helping others do the same has slipped from their emphasis. Everything must conform to whatever they think or sparks fly. I cannot believe God is pleased with that behavior and wonder why that seems so attractive.

  People need guidance, support, direction, encouragement, correction and not the constant bickering that seems to be the delight among many. How do we help each other get to heaven if we put self before God?