They Traveled a Rough Road

  The Bible student is aware of the hardships endured by the first Christians as they persisted in faithfulness to the Lord against every kind of persecution imaginable. Down through the ages those that would live godly have suffered persecution as Paul foretold (2 Tim. 3:12). But after recently rereading the history of the early pioneer restorers of the eighteenth  and nineteenth century I have a greater appreciation for what they did and what they battled. Not a few of their problems were internal strife, bickering and personal ambition by some who were more concerned with their own worldly gain than the cause of restoring New Testament Christianity. The external forces of evil were vicious against the message they preached.

  We today face various oppositions to our cause for Christ. We can expect there will be those who would destroy everything we hold near and dear if they could. But I pray that we shall be as strong and determined to stand fast for the faith as those who went before us. As we stand on their shoulders and uphold the same Lord according to the Scriptures let us be thankful for their example and perseverance; and do likewise.