They Were Bad But What Of Us?

  It is difficult to locate a place on earth today that enjoys peace. It is difficult to find an area of American life that is not corrupted with sin whether politics, economics, education, entertainment, religion, home, you name it and the devil seems to have things going his way. It gives us justified cause to be concerned for the oncoming generations; that is, if we care.

  Christ condemned the cities of his day comparing them to be worse than evil places like Sodom, Tyre, Sidon, Nineveh. We note the evils of the cities Christ mentioned and also the cities he rebuked. How do we compare to any of them? It is not a pretty picture. Especially is this true considering the opportunity we are destroying for being better.

  How urgent is the need to repent! Repent? Whenever did man like to hear that word? In stead of repent of sins, with most of the world it is REPEAT the sins.