They Will Not Answer

  By newspaper ads, radio programs, telecasts, books, articles, sermons, and now the Internet, I have repeatedly asked the denominational clergy to tell me which denomination did the Ethiopian in Acts eight join. Death is no more silent than are they.

  The answer is clear but they refuse to accept the consequences of it. He joined no denomination because none existed for hundreds of years later. He was a child of God through Christ and never once was told to join something like a denomination. If he could do that, why cannot people do that today?

  The fact is they can and must in order to be saved. Those who believed and obeyed the gospel were added to the church in the New Testament (Acts 2: 47). Denominations exist by the authority of men, not God. They are the result of man rebelling against God. For anyone to defend denominationalism only betrays their lack of respect for the gospel.