Thieves in Religion

  You probably already know of the money-grabbing crooks that parade religion but seek your money. The so-called "faith healers" are among that set. But so are those who beg for "mission" money that only goes into their pockets. Be sure you know the people and the work before you even think of sending them a dime. Some get money but never give account.

  Among the worst are those who claim God has sent them a message for you to send them a little money because there awaits you a fortune to be claimed. Only an idiot would fall for that. But it works. The world is full of idiots.

  God has made us stewards of what we have in our control. It all belongs to Him. But we must use what He grants us with wisdom and discretion. Throwing money toward those whose goal in life is to get money is not good stewardship.

  Brethren need to think of this also when they receive requests for funds for this, that and the other. Good works deserve support. But some feign good works but rob you blind if you are not careful. Don't let 2006 be a year you were taken by charlatans.