This Has Not Changed

  Recently I noticed an old outline I used on a sermon on marriage. Among the first points made was that marriage is a divine institution, a union of one man and one woman, the duration of which was to last for life, divorce being allowed only in the event of fornication. While much of society dismisses all four of these fundamental points, this truth is still truth and nothing anybody can do will change that. It may be ignored, violated, dismissed and even ridiculed, but that does not change it.

  Christians respect God's teaching regarding His institution of both the home and the church. Nor will they compromise His truth with the philosophies and morally derelict theories of men. Nor will they lend support to those who would advocate the perversion of "same-sex marriage," which is an absurd notion from the start.

  Forces in politics, religions, universities and other promoters of corruption will hammer against God's way. But Christians, being faithful to Christ, will stand fast in this truth until the Lord comes again.