This is How a Child Saw It

  A recent visit to one of my doctors produced an interesting conversation about our grandchildren. This is easily understood by grandparents. We mentioned things some of them had said and he told me this one that really caught my attention. Possibly it will benefit you also.

  One of his grandchildren came to him and told him she knew what a cemetery is. With that introduction you never know what to expect. Most people consider a cemetery a place of death, sadness, loss, quietness, finality. There is good reason to think that way, of course. But she had a different view. She said, "It is a place where you go to remember people."

  People we love who die are worth remembering. We have cemeteries because we show respect for life, human life, their life. We recall our associations and the meaning of our existence. We also realize that one day, in God's good time, all those in the cemetery shall rise again. Thus saith the Lord. Like one of my grandchildren said upon seeing a cemetery near where I preach, "That's where all their friends are."