This is Real Commitment

  After all that Paul had suffered for the cause of Christ, he was ready to depart and be with Christ (Phil. 1: 23). He counted that to be better than continuing to live on this earth. But he was willing to remain if it could be for the spiritual benefit of others (verse 24).

  That others could profit from Paul's presence, teaching and guidance we doubt not. He had shown himself a friend of man by his loyal service to Christ. Those so fortunate to have been associated with him had been blessed by him and his work. Still others could profit also if he remained.

  So instead of asking to leave this life, he expressed, by inspiration, his willingness to remain in the flesh because it "is more needful for you." This level of commitment to save the souls of others is most commendable. We should consider this man's dedication and learn ways to imitate it.