This Just About Beats All

  When is enough simply enough? Or am I getting unreasonable? I am sick of these "experts" telling all how to rear children - often between their own divorces and court appearances where their children are caught with illegal drugs and driving while drunk..

  One "expert" was ripping Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Halloween Pumpkin, fairies, Superman, etc. saying such make-believe things will warp the minds of children where they will not be able to grasp reality. (He didn't tell us what warped his mind. Probably he lost it somewhere along the way and forgot.)

  Make-believe is simply child's play as intelligent people recognize. But these "expert" humanists who think all wisdom comes from a stupid book and resides in their empty cranium get such publicity from the brain dead media. I get sick of it and wish they could all just sink in their mire. (What out for elves?)