This Matters Also

  Everybody is doing so many things. Some things are rather trivial and do not really matter so much. Other things can be downright momentous and life changing. Nobody would argue that such things do not matter. But Paul mentions something to the brethren in Philippi that we may overlook and it really matters regardless of what we are doing (provided what we are doing is acceptable to being a Christian).

  Philippians 2:14, "Do all things without murmuring and disputing." What we do may be right but check that attitude while doing it. Why do we do it? What is our attitude while doing it? We can do good things but with a sour disposition, thinking this we "have" to do but not willingly. Murmuring sure got Israel in trouble many times (fiery serpents). A sorry attitude can becloud many thing unless we are mindful of this admonition. A good disposition is a treasure. We should cultivate it. Think I'll start trying.