This May Be the Reason

  As contrary to good sense as it is, some contend there is no truth by which to determine right from wrong. Therefore, whatever they do escapes condemnation. Some deny there is a pattern from God for anything that we do in worship, church organization, etc. Some even deny baptism is necessary claiming it is work of human merit and deny it is God's law. And on goes the repudiation of almost anything and everything the Bible teaches. Alongside these denials is the contention we are under GRACE and not LAW.

  Of course, that leaves it wide open that anything anybody does is fine with God. Why do people think like this? Maybe it is because Paul said, "...but sin is not imputed when there is no law" (Romans 5: 13). Just get rid of all law and you cannot sin and are left to do as you please. This is what so many want to do anyway. This may be why they speak so foolishly regarding law and grace. They are ignorant of both.