This Time Next Year

  If time continues another year will swiftly go by and we shall be looking upon what we now call the future as just another segment of the past. We all know this. But we should resolve to make what future we have as beneficial to ourselves and others as we can. Christians face a very difficult period throughout the world and even here in America where the Muslims and humanistic philosophy has just about corroded the morality of the nation to ruin. More and more vicious and vile attacks against the faith of Christ are being perpetrated in the media, schools, government, businesses and just about everywhere including liberal hypocritical churches.

  How things will be this time next year we cannot tell but we can know it will be what we make it - starting now. The Lord's prescription to live each day the best we can (Matt. 5: 6: 34) is the best advice we can follow. It may not turn things around for the world but it could mean the difference personally between victory or defeat. Come what may, following Christ is the only way (1 Peter 2: 21).