Three Parts of the Gospel

  Someone has suggested, and correctly so, that the gospel of Christ can be outlined into three major parts: Facts, Commands and Promises.

  Facts are to be believed. This includes the reality of Deity, Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the gospel as God's power to salvation, heaven, hell, the church etc.

  Promises are enjoyed when one is "in Christ," such as forgiveness, fellowship with Deity, hope, God's providence, privilege of prayer, and all other spiritual blessings.

  Commands include the way to come to Christ, how to worship, our manner of life, and whatsoever God has said we are expected to do.

  It may be oversimplified, but worthy of some consideration. Just about everything I can remember about the good news of salvation falls into one of these categories. Looking at it from this view, it helps us to understand what we learn from the Bible.