Tired of Hearing It?

  We confidently assert that many get tired of hearing this and we are often among them. But it is still true and maybe one more time won't hurt too bad.

  With opportunity comes responsibility. Sometimes opportunity knocks when we least expect it and sometimes we have to search for opportunity. But if we are so fortunate as to have opportunity to do something that ought to be done we automatically are responsible to do that something. Responsibility is composed of opportunity and ability. If we can, we ought. If we cannot, we may wish we could, but we have to let it go.

  One application of this principle will suffice today. We have the ability and opportunity to approach some lost soul with the gospel. to encourage them to consider their worth and their salvation. Lost souls are all around us. We know the way. Do we not have a responsibility to turn their attention to such things? We just have to decide which lost soul we will approach.