Today I Will Do It

  We hear a lot about how the elderly are so often lonely and need company. We hear about those in nursing homes going day after day with nobody contacting them. We also hear ourselves saying we are going to go visit those people - someday - and somehow that day seldom comes.

  Well, today I am going to go visit some of those folks. I expect I am the one that will be benefited. But I hope I can bring some cheer to others at least letting them know somebody is thinking of them.

  One manager of a nursing home told me that he has patients that have not had a single visitor in over a year. That sounds pretty bad to me. How does it sound to you?

  Do you think we might get out to see more of these people if we would set our plans to do it? Well, today I will do it. I only hope I won't wait so long next time. What do you think you could do? Just a suggestion!