Most don't have the slightest understanding of what it means to be tolerant. They are so ignorant as to think it means accepting as all right anything anybody says or does. But that's not it. It means permission to exist without being harassed, persecuted, injured or killed because of what you believe. Our Lord is tolerant of evil in that He allows it to exist. He doesn't approve of it but allows it to exist.

  Some say we should be tolerant of Islam. Why? Those who believe in freedom of religion have always been tolerant of Islam. In the Dark Ages Roman Catholics were not tolerant of anything except their own will. Their doctrine still reads that way. And so does the Koran. Neither really believe in freedom of religion for others; only themselves.

  Some take advantage of an attitude of tolerance to gain power and when gained they are intolerant. That's why Islam is such a sinister evil. If that religion gains control (see the nations where it controls) there will be no religious freedom; the very thing July 4th produced for America.