Tomorrow May be without You

  Knowing life is uncertain it is possible that the next rising of the sun may not be witnessed by you. Sometimes people get the foolish notion that because they may not be around that they have no responsibility regarding tomorrow. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! There are few responsibilities of greater magnitude than your responsibility regarding tomorrow.

  It is our duty to see that the oncoming generation is taught the things of God so that they might be saved. It is our duty to see that a strong moral heritage is passed to them and the values of right and wrong are instilled in each heart. We cannot simply pass this off by saying they must live their own lives. Most anybody already knows that. But we can have a good and positive influence in determining for them a good and righteous life if we discharge our duty toward them by giving ourselves diligently to their training in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. To neglect that duty is to sin against the child and God.